ELS UK KIDZ Kindergarten - Where Learning Comes to Life

ELS UK KIDZ Preschool believes that the early years of education are instrumental in shaping a child's future success. That is why we have invested in creating an optimal learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities designed to bring learning to life for our students

Spacious, Bright, and Engaging Classrooms

The foundation of impactful early learning is a warm, welcoming classroom environment where children feel comfortable to explore, create, and make mistakes.

Our spacious classrooms are designed to spark curiosity and foster peer collaboration. Natural light fills each room, keeping young minds energized and focused throughout the day.

Age-appropriate, hands-on learning materials, and technology tools allow our teachers to tailor instruction to each child's unique needs and interests.

Whether gathered together on the rug to read a story or scattered about the room engaged in centres, our classrooms hum with the joyful noise of discovery and collaboration.

A Library That Nurtures a Love of Reading

One of the greatest gifts we can give a child is instilling a lifelong love of reading. Our library overflows with a diverse collection of children's literature, allowing each child to see themselves reflected in the stories while exposing them to new worlds beyond their own experience.

Cosy nooks create a quiet space for independent reading while larger areas allow for whole group gatherings. The library provides opportunities to connect literature to classroom learning while getting lost in the magic of storytelling.

An Outdoor Play Area That Fosters Exploration

Children learn through play and movement. Our secure, spacious outdoor play area allows children the freedom to run, climb, swing, slide, and engage in sensory exploration. Interactive equipment like balance beams, hopscotch, and sandbox play promotes gross motor development.

Our playground is thoughtfully designed to align with classroom learning, including areas focused on literacy, math, science, and social-emotional skills. With ample safety measures in place, children can reap the benefits of outdoor play and time in nature.

Art and Music Studios to Express Creativity

The arts provide invaluable opportunities for children to explore creativity, build confidence, and develop focus and fine motor skills. Our dedicated art studio gives children exposure to a range of media from paint to clay allowing tactile, sensory exploration. Display spaces around our school proudly exhibit our students' creations.

Our music studio comes alive with the rhythms of drums, chanting, dance, and song. Music activities foster listening skills, coordination, and exposure to diverse forms of self-expression. We believe the arts are integral in shaping well-rounded individuals.

Nutritious Meals to Fuel Young Minds and Bodies

Proper nutrition is vital to health and the ability to focus and learn. We provide nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks each day, paying close attention to each child's dietary needs and restrictions.

Menus focuses on whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and dairy. Family-style dining allows time for conversation and reinforces manners and sharing. Through exposure to healthy foods and peer modeling, we help shape positive eating habits that will last a lifetime.

A Nurturing Environment for Every Child

At ELS UK KIDZ Kindergarten, cultivating a safe, inclusive environment is central to our philosophy. Our experienced educators create a classroom community where every child feels accepted, valued, and empowered to take learning risks without fear of failure.

We get to know each child deeply and tailor our teaching strategies to support their individual needs. Our goal is for children to build confidence and develop a lifelong love of discovery within our warm, nurturing environment.

ELS Own Academy Curriculum For 21 century pre school children

ELS has focused 10 Subjects

1. Club Time

2. Touch of Language: First - English, Second - Native Language

3. Easy Beams to Maths

4. Explorer Nature – Science

5. Wisdom Classes – GK

6. Aptitude Skill

7. Realistic Observations

8. Self Imaginations

9. Hobbies

10. Explore Trips & Celebrations

Easy Learning Academy Kit

Kit Worth - 60 £

a) 5 set uniform, b) School bag, c) Worksheets no: 200 ,d) Water bottle, e) Piggy Bank, f) Laundry basket g) Crayons

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We believe the early years set the foundation for future success. Let us partner with you to nurture your child's full potential in a learning environment designed to help every child thrive.

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