At ELS UK KIDZ Preschool, learn about the Best Early Learning Opportunities for Your Child.

  • Play-Group
  • Pre-Nursery
  • Kindergarten KL1
  • Kindergarten KL2

Play-Group (Age 2 -3): Laying the Foundation through Play

Our play-group program focuses on your child's all-round development through purposeful play. Here, your child will:

  • Develop fine and gross motor skills through sensory exploration and movement activities
  • Learn to share, take turns, and cooperate with others during social play
  • Gain independence and confidence through simple classroom routines
  • Explore early maths and literacy concepts such as shapes, colours, letters, and numbers

With a balance of structured activities and free play, our playgroup builds the cognitive, social-emotional, and physical skills that form the foundation for future learning.

Pre-Nursery (Ages 3-4): Promoting Development through Engaging Activities

As your child transitions into our nursery program, we build upon their natural curiosity through a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities. Our nursery program helps your child:

  • Expand their vocabulary and language abilities through conversations, books, and circle time
  • Develop early literacy skills like letter recognition, phonics, and comprehension
  • Enhance maths skills by sorting objects, recognizing patterns, and counting
  • Foster creativity and self-expression through music, movement, and arts
  • Refine motor coordination through games, sports, and outdoor play
  • Learn to take care of their own needs and cooperate with classmates

With our engaging mix of individual, small group, and whole class activities, our nursery program promotes all aspects of your child's development.

Kindergarten KL1 (Ages 4-5): Preparing for Primary School

Our kindergarten level 1 program focuses on preparing your child for the transition into primary school. Following a comprehensive curriculum, children:

  • Develop phonics skills, letter formation, and early reading and writing
  • Build maths skills like counting, shapes, time, money, and problem-solving
  • Expand literacy through vocabulary building, comprehension, and class discussions
  • Foster independence and responsibility through structured routines and tasks
  • Gain confidence through show & tell class presentations and group projects
  • Develop social skills and the ability to follow multi-step directions

With a balance of teacher-led instruction and child-centred learning, our KL1 program helps your child gain the focus, skills, and confidence to excel in primary school.

Kindergarten KL2 (Ages 5-6): Achieving School Readiness

In our kindergarten level 2 program, we consolidate your child's kindergarten learning to ensure smooth primary school readiness. Through our stimulating curriculum, your child will:

  • Develop strong literacy skills in reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension
  • Master mathematical concepts like addition, subtraction, shapes, patterns, and problem solving
  • Build independence and responsibility through student-led activities
  • Grow communication skills through show & tell, stories, plays, and class discussions
  • Foster creativity and critical thinking through hands-on projects and experiments
  • Expand knowledge of science, social studies, music, arts, and computers
  • Refine motor skills through sports, dance, gymnastics, and outdoor play

Our experienced kindergarten level 2 teachers actively prepare your child with the academic abilities, social skills, and confidence to excel in primary school and beyond.

Our Features in Material

  • International Board
  • Perfect Lessons
  • Focused Subjects
  • Easy Learning Kit
  • Skills Improvement
  • Language Improvement
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